Uploading ERC1155 Data to IPFS

How to upload your Multi Token Image & Metadata to IPFS

If you choose to deploy your Multi-Token Collection via an IPFS URL instead of uploading it directly, you can follow this guide to ensure you are doing it right! This guide goes into detail, specifically on how to upload your a Multi-Token Collection via an IPFS URL. Step 1: Create an account on https://nft.storage/ Step 2: Download the NFTUP Desktop Application: https://nft.storage/docs/how-to/nftup/ Step 3: Prepare your Token Image for upload.

It is important that you use a .png format before uploading these images. If your images are currently .jpg, you can use the tool below to convert it to a proper.png format.

If you don't use the .png format there is a risk your images will not appear properly!

Step 4: Uploading Your Image.

Drag and drop your image for upload.

You might be asked to enter an API key, if you are you can create it with the link below.

API Key Creation Page: https://nft.storage/manage/ Step 5: Click on the Gateway URL

Once your image is uploaded, click on the Gateway URL which will open up your browser.


Step 6: Click on the Image Name

Once your brower is open Click on the Image Name highlighted in the image above.

This will open up another tab with your image visible on the screen.

Step 7: Copy the last part of the URL.

Copy the last part of the URL including the / , in this case it will be /Floki%20Token%20Logo.png

Step 8: Go back to NFTUP and copy the IPFS URL

Step 9: Append the two links Once you have copied the IPFS URL, append the image URL you copied from step 7 to the IPFS URL you just copied from step 8. It should look something like the below. Valid Token Image IPFS URL Example: ipfs://bafybeidstbrvq7k75uqfohvhgeg5ki5br5ixyrkg3oh6eqtosklu6rd5b4/Floki%20Token%20Logo.png It must start with a valid ipfs:// URL and ends with .png Once you have that, save it somewhere. Step 10: Generating your metadata.json file Go to the following URL: https://json-generator.com/ Then paste in the following code onto the left panel:

    "fileName": "Floki Token Logo.png",
    "name": "Ring of Fear",
    "description": "+10 fear",
    "properties": {
        "maxSupply": 2,
        "decimals": 0
    "image": "ipfs://bafybeidstbrvq7k75uqfohvhgeg5ki5br5ixyrkg3oh6eqtosklu6rd5b4/Floki%20Token%20Logo.png"

The end result should look something like this:

Modify your fileName, name, description, maxSupply, and decimalsaccordingly. For the image property you can paste in your appended URL that you had made from Step 9. Step 11: Click on the blue Generate button on the middle of the screen. Step 12: Download the .json file and save it as metadata.json

Once you have clicked on the Generate button, the panel on the right will fill up along with 3 new buttons on the right of your screen. Click on the Download JSON file. Once downloaded, rename the file to be metadata.json

Step 12: Upload metadata.json to IPFS Go back to your NFTUP application and close the previously success upload screen. Then upload your newly created metadata.json file.

Step 13: Similar to step 8, copy the IPFS URL.

It will look something like this: ipfs://bafybeiegamqw64relxjhgvbwqno7qgrt3hpmmocycy74gj2ylmj3pottb4 Once copied, save it somewhere

Step 14: Append the IPFS URL with /metadata.json

The final URL should look something like this. Valid IPFS URL Example: ipfs://bafyreiavuksvr6xojkqpmawzyvgazrkxw6t6ir7l7tc5a2kwu2q2snmkni/metadata.json

A valid ERC1155 Multi-Token IPFS URL starts with ipfs://and ends with /metadata.json

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