User Incentives System

TokenFi will leverage a combination of a referral system and a User Incentives System to boost adoption of the platform.

To accelerate platform adoption, TokenFi will leverage a combination of a referral system that allows people to refer users to the platform and earn a portion of their transaction fees and a User Incentives System.

Of particular interest is the TokenFi User Incentives System:

5% of the total TokenFi $TOKEN supply has been allocated to a User Incentives System to accelerate platform adoption.

At the time of writing, based on TokenFi’s fully diluted valuation of $250 million, our User Incentives Reward is currently worth $12.5 million. Users of the platform will earn this over a period of 4 years.

The TokenFi User Incentives System will reward the following categories of users:

  • Users who create a token with TokenFi Token Launcher or QuickLaunch Bot e.g. ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155.

  • Users who raise funds through the TokenFi Launchpad.

  • Users who use the TokenFi AI Contract Auditor.

  • Users who connect with MMs, exchanges, institutions, and thought leaders through TokenFi Connect.

  • Users who tokenize Real World Assets (RWAs) with the TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module.

  • Users who refer others to use the platform.

  • Institutions that engage and finalize a deal with projects through the platform.

  • The first 2,000 users to contribute to a token sale/fundraising event through TokenFi Launchpad (this is subject to change).

The TokenFi User Incentives System will be a points-based system where users earn points for various platform activities. Users can then exchange these points for tokens directly through the platform.

The TokenFi User Incentives System is designed to accelerate the adoption of the TokenFi platform as we strive for industry dominance. Since every platform activity will be powered by TokenFi’s utility token, $TOKEN, and since a portion of the $TOKEN fee charged will be burned, this increased usage will accelerate token utility and burns resulting from platform usage in the long run, eventually making TokenFi deflationary.

The tokens allocated to the User Incentives System will also be distributed over a period of 48 months. While the total value of the token is $12.5 MILLION at the time of writing, when divided by 48 months, we have an average of $260,417, which could be scaled up or down in any given month depending on the intensity of activity, so $TOKEN holders would not have to worry about there being a lot of token emissions in a short period of time.

In conclusion, tokenization is a massive industry projected to be worth $16 TRILLION in 2030. That is just seven years from now. TokenFi intends to dominate this industry; it takes more than having a superior product to be an industry leader. We need strong and rapid adoption; a strong user incentive system is necessary for this to happen. The TokenFi User Incentives System will be of significant advantage in helping TokenFi dominate the tokenization industry.

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