TokenFi Generative AI

TokenFi Generative AI lets users quickly generate high-quality artwork for their NFTs by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This would significantly lower the barrier to entry for users who want to create their own NFTs, as they are no longer required to spend a fortune to hire NFT artists to create NFT art. This will also save users time as they can use AI to generate artwork for their NFTs within the TokenFi app and immediately create their desired NFTs.

With TokenFi Generative AI you can conceptualize your NFT, generate artwork for your NFT, and launch your NFT contract with a few clicks and within a few minutes using TokenFi Token Launcher or TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot. This would allow the average user to create their NFTs quickly and at a significant fraction of the costs.

TokenFi Generative AI uses $TOKEN as its main utility token and will be live on mainnet in Q1 2024.

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