1. Installing The QuickLaunch Bot To Your Discord Server

Use this link to add the QuickLaunch Discord Bot to your server: tokenfi.com/discordbot Go through the steps instructed by Discord and you will have installed the QuickLaunch Bot to your server!

2. Starting The QuickLaunch Bot

To start the QuickLaunch Bot you can use the /tokenfi command

3. Create A New Wallet

Once you have started the bot click on the following buttons:

  1. Manage Wallets

  2. Generate Wallet

  3. Dropdown & select the new generated wallet

4. Creating The Token

Start to create your token by clicking "Token Launcher"

5- Choose Asset Type

6- Fill out the basic information of your token

7- Review your information and click Continue

8- Enter the supply of your token

9- Customize your fees, this is optional.

10- Select a payment method

11- Congrats, you deployed your token successfully!

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