Tokenomics and Distribution

Here is a quick overview of $TOKEN tokenomics and distribution.

$TOKEN is the main utility token of the TokenFi platform.

Every transaction on the TokenFi platform will be powered by $TOKEN, where a portion of successful transactions automatically buys and burns $TOKEN. Besides empowering $TOKEN’s utility as the main token of the TokenFi platform, these transactions also burn $TOKEN in a way that ensures eventual hyper-deflation of the token once the platform achieves mainstream traction.

Here is a quick overview of $TOKEN tokenomics and distribution:

  • Total supply = 10,000,000,000 $TOKEN.

  • Initial circulating supply = 1,000,000,000 $TOKEN.

  • Token tax = 0.3%. 80 percent of this goes to the treasury and 20% goes to the Liquidity Pool.

Initial $TOKEN distribution:

  • 54% of the supply is allocated to Floki staking pools – to be earned over four years.

  • 2% allocated to Floki NFT holders and Diamond Hands holders.

  • 10% allocated to the initial liquidity pool on the ETH and BNB chains.

  • 20% allocated to the Floki treasury for development and operations.

  • 2% allocated as team incentives and vested for four years.

  • 5% allocated to the TokenFi User Incentives System to boost TokenFi adoption – to be earned over four years.

  • 7% is allocated to the TokenFi staking program – to be earned over four years.

TokenFi Contracts:

  • TokenFi $TOKEN contract address: 0x4507cef57c46789ef8d1a19ea45f4216bae2b528

  • TokenFi treasury BSC (multisig): 0x3F49248d21c679681A4E4587c2f820CC3a1D72fc

  • TokenFi treasury ETH (multisig): 0x39D2bAbDfA64557E151f2a0Ca2E1067fF88718cF

  • Floki treasury BSC (multisig): 0x17e98a24f992BB7bcd62d6722d714A3C74814B94

  • Floki treasury ETH (multisig): 0x2b9d5c7f2EAD1A221d771Fb6bb5E35Df04D60AB0

(The TokenFi $TOKEN contract address is the same on BSC and ETH.)

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